Little Stogies

Do little stogies have the very same damaging results to cigarette smokers, no matter how little?

Little stogies are the new way of marketing stogies, aside from its instilled different tastes, little stogies are more inexpensive, in fact, more inexpensive than cigarettes since it has a lower excise tax.

But what do little stogies and cigarettes share, how are little stogies any different from the routine stogies. What remains in those little stogies that non-profit groups and chief law officers in some 40 states of the U.S. are lobbying for the prohibiting of the production of little stogies?

The viewpoint of the attorney generals of the United States as supported by the non-governmental companies like the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Americans for Non-Smoker Rights, and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is these little stogies by their structure are truly cigarettes in the guise of stogies so that tobacco producers can avoid the marketing constraints and from the greater excise tax-troubled cigarettes.

The little stogie offered in the market looks just like a cigarette just they are covered in brown paper. The chief law officers of the 40 states are pressing a demand to the Treasury Department of the U.S. to stop the tobacco producers from retailing of little stogie that in fact has the very same qualities of a cigarette.

Another concern raised by the lobbyists is that the kids are the ultimate victims of the marketing of little stogie given that a stick expense lower than a cigarette would. Besides little stogie can be purchased on a single stick basis, unlike cigarettes which can just be acquired on a per pack basis, that makes little stogie even more inexpensive specifically by the children. These cause-oriented groups are demanding a clear demarcation line as the distinction of little stogie from cigarettes.

The position of the tobacco producers is that the little stogie is really a stogie just they looked similar to a cigarette which these makers asked for the lobbyists not to be puzzled with. The marketing of the little stogie is not in any way to replace smoking. It was the objective of the tobacco producers to offer the complete satisfaction to their devoted stogie cigarette smokers. Absolutely nothing more, absolutely nothing less.

The punk of war in between these 2 opposing groups may not be over yet, while the two camps are discovering methods to win their cause, the sale of the little stogie is increasing at an exceptional rate.